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Professional advice to confidently navigate the complex world of cyber liability insurance


As the #1 Local Cybersecurity provider for new England, MTSi and our industry partners want to help you confidently navigate the cyber liability insurance process. Our on-demand video series, hosted by a panel of cyber liability insurance and cybersecurity professionals, explores the insurance process, provides technical best practices, and shows you how Cisco Duo and Umbrella can help ensure you get approved.

In this series, we discuss:

  • Cyber Insurance Applications
  • Repercussions of wiring funds to the wrong account
  • The importance of managing patch updates
  • EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) vs Anti-Virus
  • Cisco Duo and multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • MFA login demo
  • How Duo and Umbrella combat phishing

Cyber Insurance Applications

The Difference between a Cyber Endorsement and a Standalone Cyber Insurance Policy

When Someone is Tricked into Wiring Funds

Comparing Insurance Providers

Technical Insights

Comparing Antivirus to EDR

The Importance of Software Patching

Cisco Duo and Umbrella

Introduction to MFA and DNS Filtering

How Duo and Umbrella Combat Phishing

Authenticating a Logon with Duo

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